Vitamin C – Suplemen atau Buah Lebih Kualiti?

Vitamin C antara vitamin yang popular dan menjadi pilihan sebagai agen kesihatan serta kecantikan. Justeru keberkesanan dan kemujaraban vitamin C sentiasa diperkatakan dan dipromosi sehingga adakalanya terdapat percanggahan mitos dan fakta. Ada yang mengatakan perlu mengambil vitamin C dalam kuantiti yang besar untuk kesan yang lebih berkesan, tidak kurang juga mengatakan hanya dengan menikmati buah-buahan […]

Apa Jadi Kalau Anda Tidur dengan Makeup

Pernah tak terjadi: Hari ni kerja overtime, baru balik oncall/ syif atau ada kenduri ke, balik sampai lewat malam, tu katil tengah memanggil, nak duduk je sebenarnya, tiba- tiba sedar dah SUBUH! Pernah kan? Bagi sesetengah dari kita, benda ni biasa sangat terjadi, walaupun untuk hari hari yang biasa, kadang – kadang tu terlampau penat […]

Drink Up!

There is no denying how important water is to our body. Every cells and organs in our body need water to function. Water is vital as our body contain 60% to 70% of water. You need to drink enough water to ensure that there is sufficient water for your organs to function, as well as […]

9 Buah Untuk Cantik dan Sihat

Definasi kecantikan itu terlalu subjektif. Ada yang melihat kecantikan itu dari persepsi penampilan dan apa yang terlihat. Namun tidak kurang ada yang mengatakan kecantikan sebenar adalah kecantikan dalaman. Daripada cantik dalaman itulah akan membawa nilai sebenar kecantikan sejati. Moto Narges Skintelligent yang mementingkan kulit yang sihat adalah kulit yang cantik juga wajar diberi pemahaman lebih. […]

DIY Toxic Free Cleaning at Home

Here are some tried and tested ways to reduce usage of toxic chemicals at home. They really do work and I personally practice all these! Happy to share with you all!   Clogged sink and drains. – Get some water boiling in your kettle. Once almost boiling, pour baking soda at the sink hole, and […]

Combat your acne with the right product!

Just when we thought the haze was going away, it seems to be getting worse again! The sky was bright and clear earlier yesterday, but come noon, visibility became drastically poorer, and the smell of smoke was stronger than before! Yikes! As explained earlier in our previous post, acne is a skin condition manifested by […]

The unwanted acne

Nobody wants acne. But we have all experienced it at least once in our lifetime. Unfortunately for some, acne just never leave since they start showing up in our teen years. While it may be impossible for us to be rid of acne forever (but some are lucky so, it’s worth the effort!), but hopefully […]

Premature Aging 101

We know the sun is the main culprit for premature aging skin. While aging is natural, there are ways to delay the inevitable. And so, it is worth knowing what the other causes are so we can help prevent our skin from premature aging. Deep fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin; that’s what we’re fighting […]

Let’s carry on the good habits after Ramadan!

Ramadan has this special way of encouraging and motivating us to do good consistently, every day during the month. We want to do extra good because we believe the reward is multiplied during this special blessed month. That’s why Ramadan is also the perfect month to start forming habits you would want to keep thereafter. […]

Guide to getting your skin Ramadan-Ready!

Everyone’s main concern when it comes to their skin during the fasting month is mainly dehydration. Symptoms affecting people with dehydrated skin include dry patches and breakouts. So what do we do to help our skin? 1. Drink lots of water! I know, I know. I know we all know this, but just saying for […]