Botox atau Filler – Sama Tapi Tak Serupa

Penuaan bukan sesuatu yang boleh dielakkan. Ianya akan dilalui oleh semua. Tak kira lelaki atau wanita, proses penuaan adalah cerita kehidupan yang biasa. Namun begitu bagi yang merasakan sukar menerima kenyataan kedut dan tua sebagai proses biasa, sering mencari alternatif bagaimana meperlambatkan proses penuaan tersebut. Dari semua alternatif yang sentiasa berkembang maju dalam dunia kecantikan, […]

Combat your acne with the right product!

Kerap membersihkan kulit

Just when we thought the haze was going away, it seems to be getting worse again! The sky was bright and clear earlier yesterday, but come noon, visibility became drastically poorer, and the smell of smoke was stronger than before! Yikes! As explained earlier in our previous post, acne is a skin condition manifested by […]

On-the-go skincare tips for travelling

We all love travelling. But not so much the packing up part (mostly for moms haha). And for us ladies, or even some men, we can’t help but wanting to bring that big, heavy makeup bag containing all that skincare, grooming and makeup stuff we believe to be essential. So while we understand that the […]

When it comes to your skin care needs, choose well!

There are just SO many products available for consumers today and boy are we spoilt for choice. Who doesn’t get tempted to buy and try everything when you enter drugstores, especially those with raving reviews online and on TV?? But since we are working on limiting harmful chemicals in our skincare and cosmetics, below are […]

Watch out! #lesschemical

In today’s modern world, chemicals are inevitable ingredients in our cosmetics and skincare. What we can do is to make informed decisions in deciding what we put on our skin and what we allow to be absorbed into our body. Cosmetic and skincare users these days are more conscious and aware of what goes into […]