Does the sun really age your skin?

Yes, we are still talking about the impact of sun on our skin! Now, dermatologists believe that lifelong sun exposure is the main cause of premature skin aging. And what’s the issue with premature aging signs? That it is premature, happening earlier than it should! . Premature aging signs are aging signs that happens earlier […]

The ultimate guide on choosing the perfect sunscreen

Kulit cerah sunblock

1. SPF (Skin Protection Factor). The SPF number you see on the label is actually an indication of how long it can protect your skin before it gets affected by the sun. (E.g. SPF30 means, your skin will be protected for 30 x 5minutes = 150 minutes). But bear in mind, the level of protection […]

Do we really need that sunscreen?

As I approach my 30’s, I keep on hearing from people left and right, telling me to start using sunscreen before “it’s too late”. And it got into my head so much that I literally started browsing information on sunscreens and available products for me to choose for myself. So let me share some need-to-know […]