On-the-go skincare tips for travelling

Published on 10/08/2019

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We all love travelling. But not so much the packing up part (mostly for moms haha). And for us ladies, or even some men, we can’t help but wanting to bring that big, heavy makeup bag containing all that skincare, grooming and makeup stuff we believe to be essential.

So while we understand that the clothing department is something we struggle to minimize or compromise, let us at least help you get your skincare and cosmetics sorted out for the trip.

1. Filter them out!

– Take out ALL the contents of your makeup/skincare bag, and spread them out.

– Take a look and pick, which ones will you really use? We are talking about short term travelling here so it’s all about filtering out items you can do without for a few days.

– Ask yourself, realistically, will you really use that face mask? (I used to bring them everywhere with the intention to use, but never got to it!).

– Do you really need to bring all that essence, serum, morning cream, night cream, if you’re just going away for a 3 days trip?

Remember, focus on your essentials:

– Makeup remover (if you use makeup),

– Cleanser,

– Toner,

– Moisturizer,

– Sunscreen.

These are your most essential skincare you need. The rest can wait for you when you get back home, but of course that’s up to you decide. This leads to the next point:


2. Mini-mize them!

If you decide (or strongly feel) that you need more than just the essential products, then don’t feel guilty. It’s okay! There are solutions for it. If you have the budget, buy travel sized versions of your products. But as it is more economical to buy full sized products, why don’t you buy travel sized containers! This is my solution to enable me to bring as much as I can (I’m guilty for believing in ‘just in case’ haha). So we can bring that mask after all! Haha (or you can just buy those single sheet mask too)

Ok, first:

Get a smaller makeup bag. The bigger your bag is, the more you will want to bring. Smaller bag will force you to minimize and think hard to filter your items.


Get those mini containers, and fill up with your products. Even perfumes need to be minimized as most bottles are glass and bulky! Use perfume mini vaporizer/atomizer. There are cheap options now too, unlike few years back. So, yeay! You can even bring more than just 1 scent, if you want.


3. Choose multi-purpose!

– Cleanser that removes make ups too? Pick this. No need to bring a separate makeup remover.

– You need that eyeshadow palette? Then use the palette for your blusher, contouring, highlighting and all that you like.

– Or, just use your bronzer for your eyes, cheeks too!

– Even better, use that lipstick/lipgloss for your eyes and cheeks! That’s 2 items less needed!

– You have Vaseline, use that as highlighter.

– Or just dab that moisturizer extra on your cheekbones etc to substitute highlighter (no need to get it absorbed. The shine is gorgeous!Just reapply often.)

Check out 2 in 1 Narqes Skintelligent Professional Dual Cleansing Gel

So enjoy your trip, don’t stress out if you left out anything. Believe me, you can do without it for a few days. Your skill will forgive you. Otherwise, pharmacies/ supermarkets are always available for you. Hehe. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Because we know you’ll be out and about in the sun!

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