Ar-Raudhah Kit

The NARQES SKINTELLIGENT Ar-Raudhah Kit hygiene-care is a perfect set for maintaining hygiene during haji and umrah. This complete set of mild and gentle products is suitable for even the most delicate skin.



Fragrance-free: With no added fragrances, this kit ensures that your skin does not get irritated during use.

Soap-free: The absence of soap in these products ensures that your skin does not dry out and stays moisturized.

Paraben-free: This kit contains no parabens, which makes it safe to use on sensitive skin types.

The NARQES SKINTELLIGENT Ar-Raudhah Kit includes a range of moisturizing products that cater to all your skincare needs while you are on haji or umrah. Vitamin E present in the product helps maintain healthy-looking skin while providing sun protection as well.

Mild & Gentle: This complete set is designed keeping delicate skins in mind making it gentle on the most sensitive part of your body ensuring no harm done to it

Sun Protection: This kit provides essential sun protection making sure you stay protected from harmful UV rays while performing Hajj or Umrah under direct sunlight

Pamper yourself with this amazing NARQES SKINTELLIGENT Ar- Raudhah Kit hygiene-care – an all-in-one solution that will take care of all your skincare needs as you embark on a holy journey, leaving behind any worries about harsh chemicals or unwanted fragrances! A complete set of hygiene- care made suitable for use during haji and umrah.

Products are mild and gentle, suitable for delicate skin. No fragrance, no soap, no SLS, & no paraben added.

Set includes: Face wash, Wuduk (RO Water), Body Wash, Hand Sanitizer, Anti Odor, Vitamin E Cream Moisturiser, Face Mist and Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel

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