When it comes to your skin care needs, choose well!

There are just SO many products available for consumers today and boy are we spoilt for choice. Who doesn’t get tempted to buy and try everything when you enter drugstores, especially those with raving reviews online and on TV?? But since we are working on limiting harmful chemicals in our skincare and cosmetics, below are […]

Watch out! #lesschemical

In today’s modern world, chemicals are inevitable ingredients in our cosmetics and skincare. What we can do is to make informed decisions in deciding what we put on our skin and what we allow to be absorbed into our body. Cosmetic and skincare users these days are more conscious and aware of what goes into […]

Getting the glow for Eid!

Few hours away to Eid and if you’re like me who doesn’t have any facial appointment scheduled today, then this is for you! I’m pretty sure almost everyone is either on the road travelling to their loved ones, or is already busy with Eid preparation (cooking, cleaning and all that domestic chaos). Either way, below […]

Let’s carry on the good habits after Ramadan!

Ramadan has this special way of encouraging and motivating us to do good consistently, every day during the month. We want to do extra good because we believe the reward is multiplied during this special blessed month. That’s why Ramadan is also the perfect month to start forming habits you would want to keep thereafter. […]

Guide to getting your skin Ramadan-Ready!

Everyone’s main concern when it comes to their skin during the fasting month is mainly dehydration. Symptoms affecting people with dehydrated skin include dry patches and breakouts. So what do we do to help our skin? 1. Drink lots of water! I know, I know. I know we all know this, but just saying for […]

Hydrate Without Water

It’s the second week of Ramadhan already! Time does fly by so fast, doesn’t it? Let’s hope everyone has been drinking enough water to stay hydrated. Besides just drinking water, there are other ways to help your body prevent dehydration. Our daily fluid requirement is certainly not just exclusive to water. So, what other ways […]