Getting the glow for Eid!

Published on 04/06/2019

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Few hours away to Eid and if you’re like me who doesn’t have any facial appointment scheduled today, then this is for you! I’m pretty sure almost everyone is either on the road travelling to their loved ones, or is already busy with Eid preparation (cooking, cleaning and all that domestic chaos). Either way, below are some doable steps to get that glow on for Eid morning and even throughout the festive month!

1. Scrub it off!

After you’ve washed your face with your daily cleanser, start with a scrub! Slough off those dead skin cells you never knew you have, and prepare a polished skin to soak in all the goodness of a mask, moisturizer or whatever other skincare you will use after the scrub. But use gentle exfoliators and also be gentle when scrubbing. You don’t want to be greeting Eid with a face full of scratch marks!

Nothing you put on your skin is going to work unless you exfoliate

2. Bask in a mask!

When talking about skin prepping, anybody and everybody will suggest to use a mask. Depending on what your concerns are, use masks to address them, or to just kill time! And if you’ve just scrubbed your face, a mask can also help to soothe the skin after all that exfoliating. Since there’s a huge trend on sheet masks now, you will be spoilt for choice (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). For that extra glow on Eid morning, go for masks with high Vitamin C. And after a full day of out and about (or maybe busy at the kitchen cooking for a crowd), look for clay based masks to help with decongesting your pores and deep cleansing. Also, if you use a sheet mask, squeeze out those leftover goodness and use it all over your hand and feet!

3. Moisturize.

Slather on your moisturizer, night cream or a sleeping mask, just before you go to bed. (if you’ve been slacking on your moisturizing routine, you might want to go extra on this). You’ll wake up with that extra glow and radiance, all ready beaming for Eid!

4. SPF ON!

Raya season means a lot of going out and about, moving from one house to another. That is definitely a lot of skin exposure to the sun! So don’t forget your sunscreen, and be generous with it. Re-apply every few hours or at least after your wudhu’, just like with your moisturizer. If you find applying sunscreen to your face a hassle, you can consider the spray ones. Plenty of options these days, just head on to the nearest pharmacy and check out what suits you best. Also, if you use foundation or CC/BB creams, opt for those with high SPF coverage so you don’t have to use sunscreen separately! And don’t forget the back of your hands, especially if you’re driving. They get a taste of the sun too!

Have a joyful Eid Mubarak and remember to be safe!

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