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Published on 17/05/2019

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It’s the second week of Ramadhan already! Time does fly by so fast, doesn’t it? Let’s hope everyone has been drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

Besides just drinking water, there are other ways to help your body prevent dehydration. Our daily fluid requirement is certainly not just exclusive to water. So, what other ways can you help your body to get the water supply it needs other than plain water?

1. Eat up hydrating fruits and vegetables!

Cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes (that’s a complete side salad already!), and broccoli are some of the vegetables you should choose for your meals or snacks as they have very high content of water. Fruits from the melon group e.g. watermelon and cantaloupe is said to have the highest water content. Strawberries, avocados, mangoes, pomegranates and oranges are also great for hydration (plus Vitamin C and other goodness!) If all fails, go for smoothies or fresh juices. Lucky that we have plenty of smoothies/fresh juice kiosks these days!

“Eat your water!”

2. Cut down on sugar!

Of course, juices, teas and coffees, they all do contribute to help your body stay hydrated. But do bear in mind that the more sugar you take, the thirstier you will feel. This is because sugar will take up the water from your body cells, and your cells will signal to your brain that you need to replenish water supply. This totally explains why I can never stop at just one glass of Iced Sirap! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

3. Reduce salty snacks

I have heard of this plenty. Salty food dehydrates your body. Too much salt will draw water out of your cells, hence making you dehydrated. We’re talking about high sodium food such as chips, salted snacks (even nuts! Find unsalted ones!) and processed food. But if and when you do have them, maybe try balance it out by drinking extra water. Some suggest to try eating a banana, or exercise to sweat out the extra sodium in your body.Either way, best to avoid them salty goodness when you can.

4. Moisturize!

This is obvious. But not many can commit to the routine. Best if you can use moisturizer for both face and body, but if you can’t, maybe consider at least one of the two? Not only will it help to avoid skin wrinkling, but it can also help with your body moisture supply. If the skin is well hydrated, then your body water supply can be channeled to other parts needed. The best time to moisturize is after shower in the morning, and another before you go to sleep. Maybe you can also try to make a habit of using sunblock when being outdoor as it helps to lock skin moisture.

5. Don’t over wash your face.

Naturally, when it is hot and humid, we would splash some water to our face, give it a wash to help us cool down and feel refreshed. But apparently, over washing your face is not that harmless. Too many times, you will be stripping off your skin’s natural essential oil, which locks in moisture. But if you must anyway, just re-moisturize after, or try a face mist!

6. Have soups.

How about that? Add soup to your meals. This is rather obvious that soups contain plenty of water given their liquid nature. And plus, soup is so full of flavor and so comforting!

7. Turn up the temperature of your air conditioner!

Most of us spend our time enclosed in air-conditioned spaces. Despite being cooling, air conditioner actually lowers the humidity in the air. Prolonged use can lead to overly dry air and can cause dehydration. You may notice that your eyes feel dry after a period of time at your office or in any cold air conditioned space. Even your skin can get noticeably dry at work if the air is too cold. So if you are in control of the space, e.g. office or home, you can turn up the temperature for a bit, or even use an air humidifier for balance. And if you can’t, use a moisturizer for your face and hands, or even eye drops for your eyes.

So even when you can drink water, just be mindful to make the extra efforts to support your water body supply. Because when your body feels deprived of water, it will end up giving all the wrong signals to your body leading to health problems.

Ps : Here’s another awesome tip! How about a relaxing facial with us to rehydrate your skin? Head over to the nearest SkinValet and Narqes Medispa outlet around you! We got you covered 😉

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