Premature Aging 101

Published on 02/08/2019
Kulit kendur dan tua dari usia

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We know the sun is the main culprit for premature aging skin. While aging is natural, there are ways to delay the inevitable. And so, it is worth knowing what the other causes are so we can help prevent our skin from premature aging.

Deep fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin; that’s what we’re fighting against here.



While aging is inevitable, stress is something we need to manage. Stress increases cortisol level and this weakens collagen production and decreases our skin’s ability to repair itself. Stress can also be linked to bad attitudes. If you are constantly angry and easily agitated, it would show on your skin too, eventually. Stressed people also frown and this all lead to fine lines etched into the skin, and of course, more wrinkles. When you are constantly frowning and scowling, the wrinkles can be permanent due to muscle memory.


Lack of moisture naturally leads to dry skin. This causes flakiness, itchiness, and where the skin is very dry and wrinkled, the lines can cause the skin to crack. As we age, our skin produce lower rate of oil and lipids. Helping our skin to stay consistently hydrated can help slow down the breakdown of our skin’s support structure as we age.


Bad diet is just bad for our health in general. Lack of nutrients will show on our body and skin. But with sufficient nutrient in our body, it can help our skin and our body overall to look younger. Smoking and alcohol is also a part of your diet; a bad diet. So stay away, for your body’s sake.

Extreme climates, environment pollutants

Travelling to, or just living in countries with multiple seasons will definitely have effect on your skin. Changes in climate means you will need to be prepared to use different skincare in different weathers. Exposures to pollution also speed up the skin aging, weaken the skin and compromise skin barrier. This is why antioxidants and vitamins are important as it will help to neutralize harmful pollutants and strengthen the skin.

So what can you do?

1. Manage your stress. Easier said than done for many of us, but we can try. Try meditating, yoga, or treat yourself for a well-deserved FACIAL time! That’s something Skin Valet and Narqes Medispa can help you with *wink*

2. Again, over and over again, drink plenty of water. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Use moisturizers for your skin; face and body. All these efforts will help delay skin aging.

3. Stick with food that are low in fats, cut down sugar and processed food in your food intake, and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can still enjoy food, but make it a habit to choose your food wisely. Tomatoes, avocados, flax seed, pomegranate, fatty fish and even dark chocolate; these have been listed as anti-aging food!

4. Use suitable skincare for the right weather. If weather is cold, use heavier products such as creams, or thicker moisturizer. If weather is hot, opt for something light. There are also products with anti-pollutant on their labels for you to use. Either way, don’t forget your sunscreen. Where there is sunshine, sunscreen will be required!

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